The acronym WOREN was derived from the full name of the conference: “Workshop on Organic Electronics and Nanophotonics”. WOREN provides an interdisciplinary forum for scientists working in the field of molecular and polymeric materials with emphasis on new phenomena in electronics and nanophotonics.

The concept of WOREN series was proposed by Francois Kajzar. The first workshop, organized by Antoni C. Mituś and Jarosław Myśliwiec in 2010 in Świeradów (Poland). The following meetings were organized alternatively by French and Polish research groups: in Angers, (2011) in Złockie (2013) and in Aussoi (2016).

Although, WOREN was started as a bilateral Polish-French meeting, is not restricted to researchers originating from these two countries.

Apart from a high-quality scientific exchange, WOREN meetings provide an informal platform to create, renew and reinforce the collaborations and the friendships between researchers working in the WOREN fields.

The 5th WOREN is organized jointly with two European Union projects: ORZEL ( and EXCILIGHT ( The number of participants is limited to about 100. Both oral and poster presentation are by welcome. The plenary lectures outlining currently important issues in the subject of the Conference are scheduled.

The tentative scope of the WOREN 2018 covers all the topics of interest of the previous WOREN editions:


A1. Linear and non-linear optics related

A2. Organic electronics (layered structures, OLEDs, OFETs, photovoltaic cells, etc)

A3. Sensors and actuators


B1. Molecular materials (crystals, dyes etc.);

B2. Functionalized or blended polymers

B3. Biological and bio-derived materials

B4. Self-organized/assembled materials


C1. Linear and non-linear optics related

C2. Transport related (electronic properties, heat transport etc.)

C3. Other phenomena related to the general line of WOREN